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Carbon Fiber Car Interior Parts Wrap
  • Carbon Fiber Car Interior Parts Wrap

Carbon Fiber Car Interior Parts, wrap car interior parts in carbon fiber, carbon fiber car overlays, carbon fiber wrap, BMW carbon fiber parts, Porsche carbon fiber parts, Audi carbon fiber parts, Carbon fiber center console.


Carbon Fiber Car Interior Parts, Carbon fiber center console.

Process: Carbon fiber wrap

Material: high quality 3K plain/twill carbon fiber overlayer on the original parts.

Customers send us the original car parts or other plastic/metal parts, we wrap them in carbon fiber and send backt to you.


1. Nice carbon fiber look.

Complete coverage of entire original surfaces all the way to to the edges, protects against scratches.

2. Perfect fitting. 

The back side of your original parts will be kept the same as before, it won't affect fitting after being wrapped.

3. Inexpensive.

It costs more to develop a carbon replacement with a small order quantity.


To save some shipping fee, if you know the car parts you want exactly, please let us know in advance, we may can source the original parts from our partners or other factories in China.

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