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Carbon Fiber Robotic Arm
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  • Carbon Fiber Robotic Arm

Application: machinery ,industry, etc...


Carbon Fiber Robotic Arm

As we know, robotic arms are generally and traditionally manufactured by metal materials, such as steel or aluminum. While with the increase in models of per manufacturing line, handling jigs or the end effectors are designed with more and more components on them. This results in robotics with metal materials becoming overloaded both in payload and in terms of inertial or dynamic loading. The most direct means to eliminate these issues is reducing payload weight and the loss of inertial in running process.  

DJTCarbon fiber robotic arms not only possess higher mechanical strength and stiffness, but also weigh only about 1/4 of steel arms. Using carbon fiber robotic arms instead of metal ones will markedly improve industrial machinery’s efficiency ,increase the productivity of the products, reduce mechanical wear and decrease manufacturing cost.

We make custom carbon fiber robotic arm for your project, we have two methods to make the carbon robotic arm, autoclave technique and compression molding, we will choose the suitable solution according to your design and requirements.

If there is any requirement on carbon fiber robotic arms, please feel free to contact DJT Carbon.


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