Carbon Fiber Sheets

Solid Carbon Fiber Sheets
  • Solid Carbon Fiber Sheets

DJT Carbon Sheets are available according to your size, thickness and special request.


Solid Carbon Fiber Sheets

Please let DJT Carbon know the thickness of carbon fibre sheet that you need, and the size, or say area, we will quote for you very soon, a minimum thickness of 0.15mm is necessary to begin with.

For the carbon weave, we have twill carbon fiber weave and plain carbon fiber weave; for the finish, we have glossy finish and matte finish. We will choose the style you prefer to.

We can drill holes or other design you want on the sheet, please just simple send us a drawing, we can make the shape you want.

Carbon fiber sheets has been widely used in many applications due to its light weight, high performance and amazing carbon fiber look, any projects formerly use metal or wooden plate or board, if cost permits, carbon fiber is a feasible choice.

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