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Carbon Fiber Octagonal Tubes
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  • Carbon Fiber Octagonal Tubes

DJT Carbon fiber octagonal tubes are vailable in a variety of dimensions. Other shapes such as round,square,oval, rectangular, hexagonal are available too. High modulus tubes also are offerable.


Carbon Fiber Octagonal Tubes

Our carbon fiber octagonal tubes are manufactured by prepreg carbon fiber materials under roll wrapping process. That is, first we wrap carbon fiber pre-preg onto a mandrel with layers of fibers oriented at different angles, and next externally pressurize it. Then the wrapped and pressurized pre-preg are heat cured to solidify. After curing, the solid composite form is extracted from the mandrel as a tube. The fundamental attributes in these carbon fiber tubes are their high specific strength and stiffness coupled with lightweight, therefore our octagonal carbon fiber tubes are with excellent performance. An attractive and amazing appearance is also presented for the fabricated carbon fiber materials.

DJT Carbon devotes ourselves to the needs of custom carbon fiber tubes. We promise to provide high quality carbon fiber tubing and helpful advice on how to integrate our tubing into your project. Should you have any requirement for standard tubes or high modulus tubes, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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