Carbon Fiber Sheets

Custom CNC machining Carbon Fiber Sheets/Plates/Boards
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  • Custom CNC machining Carbon Fiber Sheets/Plates/Boards

CNC cutting carbon fiber sheets/plates/boards,CNC machining carbon fiber sheets/plates/boards, drilling,cutting, milling,engraving


Carbon fiber is commonly used in fields where materials are required for a high stiffness and a light weight, for example,transportation tools,aerospace,racing sports,UAV components,parts for medical equipments,RC model,machinery.


DJT Carbon manufacture carbon fiber sheets/plates/boards and can supply carbon fiber sheets/plates/boards with custom size/shape/appearance by drilling,cutting,milling,engraving with our own CNC machining equipments.


With excellent CNC machining capability and rich CNC work experience, we are able to cut carbon fiber parts to exact dimensions from carbon fiber sheets/plates/boards efficiently and cost effectively. If you have any parts to be made from carbon fiber sheets/plates/boards, just supply us with an AutoCAD, DFX file, or DWG file.If a CAD drawing is not available, you send us original parts and we’ll get a completely dimensioned sketch and cut your parts perfectly. 

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