Carbon Fiber Tubes

custom carbon fiber bent tubes
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  • custom carbon fiber bent tubes

custom carbon fiber bent tubes; custom carbon fiber table leg tubes; carbon fiber chair leg tubes; carbon fiber supporting tubes;carbon fiber door handle tubes


custom carbon fiber bent tubes


Shenzhen DJT Carbon is a professional manufacturer of carbon fiber products. We are not only very experienced in making customized carbon fiber bent tubes with different shapes, such as U shaped tubes, S shaped tubes, Z shaped tubes, multiple bend tubes,45°elbows, 90°elbows, but also we match clients’ specifications, tolerance and structure requirements, for example knobs can be attached to tubes to make sure they can combine with other parts or fit well their applications.


Shenzhen DJT CARBON has been in the carbon fiber composites business since 2005, our custom carbon fiber work reflects the highest standards of precision and quality. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest or demand for carbon fiber products.


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