Carbon Fiber Tubes

Carbon fiber tubes embedded with small steel tubes inside
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  • Carbon fiber tubes embedded with small steel tubes inside

It is easy to find a suppier to make round carbon fiber tubes, but when it refers to irregualr shaped tubes for special appllication, DJT CARBON has rich experience and mature technolgoy to satisfy all your requests.


DJT CARBON offers a wide range of carbon fiber tubes for many different applications. If you do not see what you need, contact us to discuss manufacturing tubes to your custom specifications. 

Roll wrapped prepreg carbon fiber tubes are constructed using multiple wraps of twill and/or unidirectional fabrics. Rolled tubes are ideal for applications that require the highest bending stiffness and lowest weight, such as automation robotics, telescoping poles, idler rollers, and UAV components. Additionally, the longer length versions of these tubes have options for high and ultra high modulus carbon fiber, as well as choices for outer fabrics, such as colored Kevlar fabrics

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